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Cordelia Jackson Honored In Sparta, Georgia

cordilia jackson

Pastor Michael Curry honors Cordilia Jackson at Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Sparta, Georgia for her many years of service to the church and the community.

On Saturday, May 21, 2011, in a spirit-filled worship service, Hickory Grove Missionary Baptist Church honored Deaconess Cordelia Jackson by bestowing on her the honor of Deaconess Emeritus. Pastor Curry and the Hickory Grove Missionary Baptist Church family thought it fitting to honor Deaconess Jackson for her many years of service to the Church and, in particular, to the Deaconess Ministry. Deaconess Jackson served as chairperson of the Deaconess Ministry at Hickory Grove for more than 15 years. Pastor Curry said he believed in "giving honor where honor is due and giving flowers while one can still see and smell them."

Deaconess Jackson was escorted by Deacon Emeritus Earnest (Jack Ingram) followed by her sister, Sarah Sims and her daughter Jacqueline Jackson.

cordilia jackson

Cordilia Jackson (right) with her sister Sarah Sims (left) of Macon.

It was a beautiful service and program. The Lord showed up and showed out! The welcome and occasion was given by Deaconess Wylene Reese. Sis. Linda Primas of Hickory Grove gave very moving remarks on how Deaconess Jackson had impacted her life. The music was rendered by the Minister of Music, Sis. Glenda J. Mitchell and the "newly formed" Hickory Grove Missionary Baptist Church Deaconess Choir and did they sing.

Deaconess Jackson worked diligently with the Second Shiloh, she served as Coordinator of Cluster 4 of the Deaconess Ministry for the 10th District of Second Shiloh until her resignation in 2009. Greetings from Second Shiloh included Deaconess Ruthie (Peggy) Lewis, president of the 10th District Women's Auxiliary, Deaconess Gwen Tucker, chairperson of the Deaconess Ministry. There were also greetings from Deaconess Vivian Thomas, 1st Vice President of the Women's Department of the Georgia Missionary Baptist Convention.

Deaconess Julia Bussey, Chairperson of the Deaconess Ministry of the Georgia Missionary Baptist Convention, who worked closely with Deaconess Jackson gave inspirational remarks.

A special guest in the person of Sister Agnes Alexander Johnson, a member of Soul Ensemble revived her role as Granny for this special occasion. Everyone knows how Deaconess Jackson loved to see Sister Agnes act out that role and she was great.

Sister Cathy Jackson (Power of God Ministries) gave greetings and remarks on behalf of the family. She represented the nieces and nephews (Calvin and Alfreda Reynolds, Elder Daerzio Harris, Sheryl Sims, Cleventeen Walker, Robbin Baker, Shawn McGee, Olivia Jackson,). She said that Aunt Cordelia had a way of making each of her nieces and nephews think that they were her favorite.

Sister Jada Baugh, one of Deaconess Jackson's spiritual daughters, gave a rendition of Precious Lord which ushered in the Holy Spirit. Pastor Curry overcome by the Holy Spirit took it from there and let the Lord have His way!

There were quite a few presentations which included a beautiful bouquet of pink roses from Pastor Curry and a plaque from the Hickory Grove Church family. Judge Edith (Jackie) Ingram in a presentation talked about the positive influence Miss Cordelia had on she and her family's life since she was a little girl. She also remarked how her soul had been blessed during the service. There were many other well-wishers present, one in particular was Sister Sarah Brooks. Sarah and Cordelia have been friends since they were children picking gooseberries on the grounds of Hickory Grove Church. They both ended up in New York and both retired and moved back to Georgia and they are still together at Hickory Grove Missionary Baptist Church.

Deaconess Jackson was overwhelmed with tears of joy when it was time for her to make remarks. After a little composure, she thanked everyone. She refrained from calling names as she said she may forget someone. She said that the day reminded her of something her late Pastor (Bishop F.D. Washington) had said. She said that he wished that he could have a pre-funeral service while he was still alive so that he could see and hear what folks had to say about him. Deaconess Jackson said "today I've heard what you all had to say and I did not know that so many of you loved me so much and felt this way about me, I will treasure this day and when I die I do not need a funeral service because you have given me the highest honor today by letting me see and smell my roses."

The service was followed by a scrumptious sit-down meal of baked chicken, fried chicken, shrimp, various salads and delicious pineapple sandwiches, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

tyrone brooks

Rep. Tyrone Brooks

The celebration continued at Deaconess Jackson's home. Some folks who were unable to attend the service, stopped by to wish her well. Georgia State Representative Tyrone Brooks and others stopped by to congratulate her.

Cordelia Jackson
Cordilia Jackson