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Macon Housing Authority CEO Retires from MHA Following Storied Career

by Clarence Thomas, Jr.

Former Macon Housing Authority Chief Executive Officer June Parker culminated a 17-year career with MHA on September 30th. Parker says she retired to enjoy the next phase of her life as a mother, grandmother and homemaker. Parker shared that she feels the time is right and is proud of what she accomplished on her watch. Macon Housing Authority serves over 6,000 families and is recognized as one of the best managed and most respected housing authorities in the nation according to the authority. "The added value we provide to the community and those we serve is my greatest accomplishment," Parker said in a conversation just prior to her last day on the job, also proclaimed "June Parker Day" in the county by Mayor Robert Reichert.

Her ride off into the sunset is preceded by a storied career with MHA. Parker – the Macon Housing Authority’s first female CEO - joined the authority in 2000 as an Accountant following a two-year stint with Flint Area Consolidated Housing Authority in Montezuma, Georgia. During her tenure with MHA the Americus, Georgia native served as comptroller, finance director and chief financial officer before her appointment to chief executive officer in 2013. In addition to serving community housing concerns, Parker was active in the Public Housing Authority Director’s Association, Housing Authority Insurance Group, Rebuilding Macon, Macon-Bibb Work Force Investment Board, One Macon, Mayor’s Champion Council, College Hill Alliance, NewTown Macon and Kiwanis International.

While with MHA, Parker participated in or oversaw several projects including Hunt School Village; the redevelopment of Oglethorpe Homes (now Tattnall Place), Anthony Arms and Kingston Gardens; and most notably as CEO, the makeover of Tindall Heights. As expected, Parker is proud of the projects. But where she may have made the greatest impact is with the residents of MHA locations. "Being able to serve and make a difference is an honor. When we can transform lives, it is the greatest gift there is," she said. Annie Walker, 57 of Macon, has resided in public housing for as long as Parker worked with MHA. She connected with Parker along the way and refers to her as a wonderful person whose time and attention made a difference in her life and those of her neighbors. "We hate she's leaving. She means the world to us. We couldn't have asked for a better person than her," Walker said. "We hope the best for her as she retires. We appreciate her support."

Parker made quite an impression on her bosses as well. Former MHA Chief Executive Officer John Hiscox, whose tenure lasted over thirty years, is one. He cleared her to be hired in 2000. He remembers the sparkle she exuded in her initial interview showing up with her each day, making for a rewarding work day for everyone in her presence. "June was always wanting to learn, move up and do more all the time. She was able to grasp what was going on and apply experiences and do well," Hiscox said recently. "I think the MHA Board certainly made an excellent decision when choosing her as my replacement."

John C. Walker, III is MHA Board Chairman. Parker was Chief Financial Officer when he joined the board nine years ago. He remembers her as a hard worker that logged long hours and that cared deeply about making MHA matter in Macon. "June Parker really cared about Macon Housing Authority and especially its residents. She wanted the best for them. She done a great job. We’re really indebted to her," Walker said. MHA Board member & Vice Chair of In-Fill Housing, Inc., MHA's non-profit arm, Pearlie Toliver has known Parker since her arrival as well. She says Parker was selected to head MHA because of her skills, knowledge and understanding of where the authority was headed. Toliver noted the business cultural changes Parker implemented like Jeans Day once a month and the creation of an Employee Board as a voice for MHA employees as important vestiges of her tenure. "June is a very detailed person that cares a lot about the housing authority. She's a quick study. We were very blessed and pleased to have had her leading the ship," said Toliver.

Parker's crowning glory according to Hiscox, Walker and Toliver is Tindall Height’s overhaul. It is a massive undertaking that took years to get off the ground, began on Parker's watch and will continue for a few more years. Once done, the project will alter the community landscape of south central Macon near Mercer University as a mix use business and housing mecca.

As a September 29 MHA sponsored sendoff for Parker featuring Congratulatory Letters from Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and Congressman Sandford Bishop, elected officials, businesses along with MHA employees and residents drew close, she reflected on what will matter most to her and what she hopes will be her legacy. "We tried to make a difference. Our goal was to always look for ways to improve the housing authority on behalf of residents and Macon," Parker reflected. "I want the Macon Housing Authority to continue caring, to embrace changes, continue making a difference and always work to transform the community and lives."

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