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Charles Steele, Jr.
to be Honored as Man of the Year by The Informer

by Amanda Smith

SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) CEO & President Emeritus Charles Steele, Jr. has been selected to receive the Man of the Year Award by The Informer and will be honored at The Informer's Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Awards Ceremony. The event will be held on Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 12 noon at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, located at 2789 Millerfield Road in Macon, Georgia.

Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Steele has a long history of civil rights activism and leadership. A businessman (Charles Steele & Associates, Atlanta) and politician as well, Steele was the first African American elected to the Tuscaloosa City Council (1985, for two terms) and one of the first African Americans elected to the Alabama State Senate, serving three terms before resigning to serve for the SCLC.

In October 2000, Charles Steele was elected as a Senate Member of the High Chamber (U.S. Parliamentary Group) of the International States Parliament for Safety and Peace. The International Parliament nominated Dr. Steele to the Ministry of American Affairs on the 15th of March 2001.

From 2004 - 2009, Steele served as National President and CEO of the SCLC. In February of 2009, Dr. Steele resigned as SCLC President and CEO to start his own consulting firm, Charles Steele & Associates (CSA). In 2011 the board of SCLC unanimously voted Dr. Steele as President Emeritus. On July 2, 2012 he was elected Chief Executive Officer for the second time. Dr. Steele made history by becoming the first SCLC CEO to ever hold this position twice. Serving as one of the "Dream Team", Dr. Steele, along with SCLC Board Chairman Dr. Bernard Lafayette and President Dr. C.T. Vivian will work collectively within the SCLC to calm internal storms and to improve the financial footing and public perception of the SCLC.

The Informer is proud to honor the legendary Dr. Charles Steele as Man of the Year for 2012.

Charles Steele, Jr.
Charles Steele, Jr.