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The Mutual Financial Group Member Helping People with Their Money Matters

by Clarence Thomas, Jr.

For 30 years Keith Holmes, a Financial Representative with the Macon based The Mutual Financial Group, has been helping people meet their insurance and investment needs. He considers it a very important job.

Helping is at the heart of what he does says Holmes. Money is the medium, but what matters most is helping his clients access it through insurance and investment to ensure that they can live a sound, safe, secure life. It began in 1987 when Holmes was hired by Mutual Financial Group President Billy Pitts, a manager at Met Life at the time, to sell insurance for that company. Pitts moved on eventually to start his own business. Holmes later retired from Met Life in 2012 and joined Pitts at Mutual Financial Group.

Today Holmes is a member of what he describes as the most formidable Black owned and operated insurance and financial agency between I-285 in Atlanta and Valdosta. The Mutual Financial Group offers a range of services and Holmes says an experience early on his career following the death of a male client’s spouse set the tone for his career. His efforts provided the man with a fiscally strong foundation following his loss. “It was more than burying someone. It was helping this guy get through,” he said.

Holmes says life insurance is essential because it creates the opportunity to leave a legacy. He reminds clients that death is sure. It is inevitable. While some things may or may not happen, leaving this life is going to happen. Holmes says having a financial plan in place for those we leave behind is the best way to ease the pain associated with the loss of a loved one. And as a way of keeping people in a home or sending a child to school. “It is the most important insurance. It lays the foundation for families beyond the time we are here,” Holmes said.

Wealth creation on this side is Holmes focus too. He works with professionals, businesses, individuals, organizations and churches as well. The Mutual Financial Group offers medical and retirement insurance in addition to insurance and investments. Holmes formula for financial success begins with life insurance. He advocates using it as the foundation of any financial portfolio. He advises rounding it out with disability insurance, home owner’s insurance, emergency savings and investment funds in that order. For the entrepreneur, he recommends paying God ten percent first and yourself another ten percent. The remaining 80 percent should be set aside for all other responsibilities.

Successfully guiding people in financial matters daily can be daunting. To provide relief and restoration at the end of each day Holmes turns to, Linda, his faithful wife of 41 years. The two have been a couple since he was 15 and married since he was 20. The sixty-one-year-old native Maconite calls his spouse his true success. “She makes life worth living for. Without her I wouldn’t have a life,” Holmes shared. “I don’t have enough words to describe what a wonderful friend and partner she is.”

Holmes prides himself on being the beneficiary of work by way of word of mouth for the most part. The vast majority of his clients are referrals. Many of them being females. What keeps people coming to The Mutual Financial Group is its integrity and honesty insist Holmes. There is over 70 years of financial and insurance experience between Holmes, Pitts and newcomer Billy Jordan. This is a winning combination says Holmes. “At the end of the day it’s who knows you and likes you,” he said. “Having clients that will vouch for you is priceless.”

To find out how Keith Holmes can meet your needs call (478) 746-2655, email him at or visit the Mutual Financial Group office during the business hours of 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. at 1347 Georgia Avenue.

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Keith Holmes