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60 Minutes Reporter Ed Bradley Dies At Age 65

by Amanda Smith

Award-winning television journalist Ed Bradley died of leukemia yesterday at Mount Sinai hospital.  He was 65.

Recognized with numerous awards, including 19 Emmys, Bradley's journalistic reporting skills span a 26-year career with 60 minutes, leaving behind a powerful body of work, indicative of his distinctive style of reporting. Recognized by young and old alike for his one earring, he earned three of his Emmys in 2003, one of which was for lifetime achievement.

Bradley graduated from Cheyney State, an historically black college and launched his career as a DJ and news reporter for a Philadelphia radio station in 1963.  In 1967, he moved to New York's WCBS radio.  He joined CBS News in Paris in 1971 and was wounded while on assignment in Cambodia after transferring to CBS’ Saigon bureau during the Vietnam War.  After the war, Bradley returned to the United States and covered Jimmy Carter's White House campaign and in 1976, became CBS' first black White House correspondent.

Bradley then began doing pieces for "CBS Reports", traveling all over the world to bring back his one-of-a-kind stories that the country always looked forward to hearing.  In fact, it was his 1979 documentary about Vietnamese boat people that eventually landed him his position on 60 Minutes.

Beloved by his colleagues, Bradley was "considered intelligent, smooth, cool, a great reporter, beloved and respected by all his colleagues here at CBS News," Katie Couric said in a special report.  "He was a reporter's reporter,"  fellow correspondent Mike Wallace said.

Accepting his lifetime achievement award from the Black Journalists Association, Bradley said "I look around this room tonight and I can see how much our profession has changed and our numbers have grown.  I also see it every day as I travel the country reporting stories for 60 Minutes.  All I have to do is turn on the T.V. and I can see the progress that has been made."

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Ed Bradley
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