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Personnel Payroll & Accounting Corporation Changing How Middle Georgia Does Business

by Clarence Thomas, Jr.

Roland Hairston, Richard Cannaday, and Martin Tchatchoua

Small to medium sized businesses in Middle Georgia in need of administrative organization and protection have an impressive resource in Personnel Payroll & Accounting Corporation. Here's why.

This Norcross, Georgia based business has only been in Macon since last April, but already is saving its clients' money. It's one of just a few national resources that specialize in proactively assisting ascending companies with making sure that it has its human resource, worker's compensation, risk management, employee benefits and payroll totally under control. Which are the areas a business must address successfully on a consistent basis if the company wants profits and peace of mind says PP&A founder and chairman Richard Cannaday. "Using us allows an organization to take advantage of a team of experts so that the company doesn't have to spend excessively. We want to make sure people know that we are more than a payroll company," Cannaday stressed.

After working as a financial officer with a semi-conductor company, Cannaday started PP&A in January 2014 following the acquisition of the then Norcross based company Impact Solutions by his upstart. Today the company employs over 1,000 workers and in addition to its flagship in Norcross and downtown Macon location, has offices in Dallas, TX as well as Irving and San Jose, CA. Around 25 staffers make up the local office.

Personnel Payroll & Accounting initially targets small to medium sized businesses according to Cannaday because they have the greatest needs as it relates to internal organization. Since they are often growing and lack the resources of larger more established companies, they benefit the most from having a partner like PP&A. Cannaday's company's focus on the five major areas of importance to all serious businesses sets it apart from others. As a result, the "little man" can grow and save money in the same respect as his larger counter parts. As a Black owned and operated entity, Cannaday felt exceptionally obligated to assist women and minority owned businesses, even though PP&A serves the entire community. "This was my vision and strategy," he shared. "To bring everyone together and be like the big boys."

To make it happen Cannaday has assembled an expert team of professionals with backgrounds in the areas of finance, administration, sales, management and marketing. The company even offers a portable CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Cannady believes having one is the foundation of financial success. Roland Hairston is one of PP&A's point people. He directs the company's business development division. His group works to create and maintain mutually beneficial. relationships with potential business partners that PP&A can take to the next level. Hairston feels that Middle Georgia, especially Macon is ripe for what PP&A has to offer. "Educating the populous is a big part of who we are. We see education as a major part of what we do," Hairston said. "This market is wide open and ready to do business." Martin Tchatchoua is PP&A’s tax and accounting manager. He oversees an important aspect of being a successful business – good book keeping. He feels this service that PP&A offers is essential. "Businesses have to know their numbers. And be accountable to customers and government. Our goal is to have someone in Macon that can assist businesses in maintaining a positive status," Tchatchoua said.

PP&A is a solid company with partnerships with Humana, SunTrust, Cigna, Aflac and Legal Shield to name a few. Along the way, it has helped numerous companies compete says Cannaday. It's rooted simply in his wanting PP&A to be an opportunity to address a serious need for businesses. "We want to create awareness that there are ways to reduce the cost of having employees. It is something that is worth its time," he added. Tasha Williams of Macon owns Salads 2 Go, a restaurant specializing in healthy meal choices. Her three-year-old business is watched over very carefully by PP&A and thankfully so says Williams. Her assessment of the company supports Cannaday's assertion. Williams feels the job they do for her from a human resources perspective has been especially helpful. "They do everything. They save me a lot of time and from being stressed. And they are very professional," she says. "If you want your business run properly and don’t have the time to do everything, let them do the job. They have helped me to focus on what I need to focus on. They have your best interest at heart."

Charity starts at PP&A and spreads says Cannaday. His philosophy of an employee being more than a paycheck begins in-house. As a result, PP&A has grown exponentially the last three years and is poised to be worth 1 billion within the next 3 years according to Cannaday. Between the buy-in by PP&A employees, its clients and the public Cannady is excited about the future for Middle Georgia. The company's website assures potential clients that PP&A will increase a business's profits and productivity. The PP&A business model and expertise support Cannaday's claim. "I'm not successful unless you are successful," he stated. "The better this team is, the better I am."

To learn more about Personnel Payroll & Accounting Corporation and its services call 1-844-233-1893 or visit the company website at


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