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Shh…It's a Wig:
Macon's Full Service Alternative Hair Resource

Gloria & Claudia Marable


by Clarence Thomas, Jr.

Two-time cancer survivor Betty Ragland of Macon never liked wearing wigs. But when she lost her hair after chemotherapy during her second bout with the disease she turned to Shh...It's a Wig to help her replace her original tresses. And the 80-year-old says she is glad she did. "They care about you," she said. "They make cancer patients feel good, pretty and beautiful."

The way Ragland feels about the central Macon wig salon is what owners Gloria and Claudia Marable work hard to create daily. Gloria, a retired school teacher, is the founder and marketing end of the alternative hair team. Claudia, Gloria's daughter, creates the styles that make customers smile.

Shh...It's a Wig was born following a trip to Las Vegas with her husband Macon dentist Lawrence Marable revealed Gloria. A wig she was wearing became a conversation piece with various people in passing and motivated the Rome, Georgia native to start the twenty-one-year-old business. Around the time, Gloria had an epiphany and realized that cancer patients needed a place that not only provided hair replacement but a balm. "It really gives them a pick me up. Wigs make people feel better. It can give a person confidence," she said.

While cancer patients are a good portion of the wig salon's business, people from all walks of life with various needs frequent Shh...It's a Wig. Houston County High School's drama department and Macon Theatre are just some of the Marable’s’ clients. The wig salon even served as one of the original launching pads for the popular television show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The show's family spent three hours shopping for wigs in one show segment during season one. People purchase Shh...It's a Wig hair pieces for everything from theme parties to plays says Gloria. She is quick to point out that because she and her daughter offer more than just wigs, the business is a full-service salon. In addition to creating hair pieces, there focus is personalized help, putting the right wig on each client, educating clients about their investment and tailoring each wig for the needs and demands of their customers.

Shh...It's a Wig hair pieces start at around $35 and can go for much as $1,500. For current and potential customers, the wig salon also offers cutting and styling service, products and shampoo and conditioning of hair pieces. Staying current is important too she added. Natural styles are all the rage now. Shh...It's Wig offers wigs that are locked, braided and curly to keep current. Gloria says the idea is to provide a one stop shop for wig owners. "Our goal here is to make your wig look as natural as possible. We want to make sure that it looks as close to real hair as much as possible," she said.

Creating eyepopping hair pieces is where Claudia comes in. She is a licensed cosmetologist that got bit by the family business bug at age twelve because of watching her mother. Upon turning thirteen Claudia started working on wigs as a stylist. Since then she has gotten the attention of Grammy nominated rapper/singer/songwriter Nicki Minaj's wig stylist which led to one of his wig creations gracing the floor of Shh…It’s a Wig. Claudia also assisted Minaj’s stylist with a major hair show in Atlanta. Her greatest accomplishment however is the satisfaction she provides their customers daily she says. "I enjoy working with Mom. I enjoy working with hair. It’s like art to me,” she said. “I look at it from a creative perspective." She is proud to be a part of the family business to ensure that her mother and father's investment is protected and respected. "It's rewarding to help my family and community. A lot of people don't get this opportunity. I try to work hard to honor them and this blessing (wig salon)," she said.

Gloria is proud of what they have accomplished. In addition to providing wigs the business has become a human resource center where customers also come to connect, release and get centered. Two long lost sisters found each other at Shh...It's a Wig while waiting to be serviced. "That moment let us know that we are bigger than the wigs," Gloria said.

Ragland says it was the time and respect Gloria and Claudia exhibited that sold her on wearing a wig. She says losing her hair following chemotherapy was worse than the cancer itself, but the Marables welcomed not only her but her sister, hair stylist and a friend during the selection process. "They are beautiful women that care about their clients," Ragland said. "The wig is important but they care about your condition and satisfaction most of all."

Find out more about Shh...It's a Wig by visiting the business during operating hours at 2449 Vineville Avenue or by calling 478-743-6121. The business can also be contacted at Facebook/Shh...It's a Wig.


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