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Bobby Clark Set to Retire
from Radio Following 40 years in the Industry

by Clarence Thomas, Jr.

Pastor Beverly Ann Demps Purcell has climbed the rough side of the mountain. And while she still experiences setbacks like most folks, she is convinced more than ever that God is able. She heralds from humble beginnings, a loving Christian home with a father, Bishop Cornelius Demps, whose life was devoted to ministry and pastoring and a praying mother, Missionary Pinkie Demps, according to Purcell.

In 2010 Purcell embarked on a journey first took by her father due to his declining health, as the head of the former Pentecostal Temple Church of Macon. But not before experiencing a succession of family losses and health challenges that led to her renaming the church and creating the five-year-old ministry A Leap of Faith. Still reeling from the death of her mother in 2002 and a brother, Fredrick Demps, in August 2009, Purcell's 25-year-old son Morris Christopher Purcell passed in March 2010 while playing drums at Fellowship Bible Baptist in Warner Robins. His transition was followed by her oldest brother Pastor William B. Demps, Sr. in June of the same year. In between the deaths of her child and sibling her husband of 36 years Pastor Morris Purcell entered the hospital for pulmonary embolisms that he has since overcome.

The struggle continued in 2012 with the loss of her father. She admits that losing those that were near and dear to her in such a short period of time took the wind out of her sail and sent her spiraling into a place of darkness rooted in hurt and hopelessness. It was at the peak of her struggle however that she called on God and he answered. "It took a lot to get me where I am". This is not something that I wanted, but that God led me to do because it's all about him," she says. "You have to take a leap of faith out on nothing, believing God has prepared something."

That leap has birthed a formidable ministry that is not confined to the church’s four walls. A Leap of Faith Ministry outreach includes helping the mentally and physically disabled to have a quality life and supporting young people through performing arts. It's all a part of Purcell's effort to make Jesus real through these positive expressions of love. "It’s about him. These days it's not just about us. The world needs to see something different," said Purcell. "We are a reflection of God and should be expressing him through our actions. I will not compromise. As long as I have health and strength I will stand on the word of God."

Purcell, a mother of three and grandmother of two, has reaped additional accolades in 2017. Earlier this year Queen Esther Ministry honored her with its coveted Real Women Award for outstanding work in the community with women. Purcell also uses her voice to inform and inspire through her live radio talk show "Life of Beverly" on Heaven's Light Gospel Radio 100.5 FM each Wednesday at 4 p.m. In addition to hard work, she says her successes are owed to the support she receives from her husband, her remaining children, grandchildren and extended family of parishioners, parents and children. "Day by day God does what he says he is going to do for me. I just hope that it helps to inspire someone," Purcell said. "My heart's desire is to be a living epistle for God's glory to be shown in the Earth and for my living to not be in vain."

A Leap of Faith Ministry will continue to focus on others says Purcell and commit to continue working towards helping Middle Georgia grow as it brings people to God. She adds that it’s about putting the ministry's belief into practice, "stepping out on nothing, believing God has prepared something".

To learn more about A Leap of Faith Ministry call 508-7755 or email Worship with the ALOF family on Sunday mornings at 11a.m. at 2419 Samuel Drive in Macon. Follow the ministry as well on Facebook.

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