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Meet Sapphire
One of Atlanta's Newest Rising Talents

by Kenney Dennard

sapphire 2

Most industry insiders know that there's no such thing as an overnight sensation. Although it may seem like some of the biggest names in music just popped out of nowhere, in most cases, they all had humble beginnings. Amanda, Keah and Ameia Stinchcomb are no different. The three sisters, also known as Mocha, Tikae and Amilli, together forming the R&B trio, Sapphire have been putting in some serious work the last few years as they prepare for superstardom.

"We've been singing since we were little girls," Mocha explains. We would be doing our household choirs and singing songs that our parents played on the stereo. Songs from groups like Kut Klose, En Vogue, Jade and Destiny's Child."

Sapphire's niche is harmonization. To hear their perfect pitches in full harmony will blow you away and leave you reminiscent of En Vogue and SWV, whom they all look up to.

The three girls got serious with their art in the early 2000's. They sharpened their skills and then took their show on the road. They appeared on Showtime at the Apollo's Amateur Night in 2007 but didn't win. "We were teenagers then," Mocha exclaims. "We were good but we were younger. We were still coming together and getting an understanding of who we are and what we’re trying to do."

The young ladies have definitely figured it out by now. They have been showcasing their talents in and around Atlanta frequently over the last couple of years. They have also been working with new producers and constantly recording new material in hopes of landing a major record deal.

Sapphire recently performed at The Luxe, one of Atlanta's hot spots, where they did a showcase. Atlanta rapper, Da Bratt was the host that night. They also were recently asked to join the Gerald LeVert Reminiscent Tour at the end of October. They will be the opening act.

Lately the sisters have been spending countless hours in the studio and have recorded dozens of songs as they search for the perfect single. They are performing their self written jams "Superwoman," "Therapy," and the club banger, "Going Live," at their shows mixed in with a few covers from En Vogue, Jade and some other influences.

"We're students of the industry," Tikae exclaims. "We love the stage presence of Beyonce and Janet Jackson. We want the crowd to feel the excitement of our music and experience the excitement of our performance." Amilli adds, "We work hard on our live show. You will definitely leave satisfied."

lashanda thompson anthony stinchcomb

Lashanda Thompson and Athony Stinchcomb

"Things are finally starting to come together," Manager Lashanda Thompson states. Lashanda has been managing the girls along with their father Anthony Stinchcomb. "We're looking for 2012 to be our year," the father adds. "A lot of the hard works seem to be finally starting to pay off."

You can hear some of the new music from Sapphire at You can also follow them on twitter at sapphire-voices. For booking information and other inquiries email or

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Sapphire singing Who's Got That Vibe