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The Movie

by Julie Randolph

Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks

"Sparkle", the movie that marks Jordin Sparks big screen debut and Whitney Houston's last film is set to open nationwide August 17th.

The "Sparkle" remake will include the original soundtrack which was essentially an Aretha Franklin album produced by Curtis Mayfield. The remake will include new songs by Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks - the winner of American Idol's Season Six - who is also the youngest winner to date in American Idol history. Spark's self title debut album was released in 2007 which had 2 top 10 singles on the US Top 100 Billboard ("Tattoo" and "No Air" featuring Chris Brown.) The album was certified platinum by RIAA selling over 2 million copies worldwide.

Curtis Mayfield and TD Jakes


Whitney Houston recently passed away February 11, 2012. Houston had sold over 170 million albums and singles worldwide and was also recognized by Guiness World Record as one of the 3 top recognized female musical artists of all time.

This movie was set in the 60's - a story of three sisters (loosely based on the Supremes) who became overnite sensations contending with a series of personal problems. The film stars Jordin Sparks, Whitney Houston, Derek Luke, Mike Epps, and Ceelo Green. "Sparkle" also features songs by R Kelly. Whitney Houston plays the not so encouraging mother of Jordin Sparks and this movie features her in her 5th and final film role. Houston sings her final recording in this film. According to Howard Rosenman, Executive Producer of the film, "This would have been a big, big comeback for her. She is brilliant in it." TD Jakes, Producer of the film, was quoted as saying: "When Whitney walked out there and began to perform, we were all just stunned at how well she did, not only with the singing but also with the acting as well." Jakes went on to say, "I saw the original Sparkle and loved it - it spoke to hope and the resilience of the human spirit in the midst of the decadence of life. There are some interesting parallels between the script and the lives of Houston and her character in the movie."

Whitney Houston passed away 3 months after filming ended. The film will be dedicated in her memory.


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Julie Randolph

Julie Randolph