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Meet Musician Ken Ford

Ken Ford grew up in a home filled with the diverse sounds of jazz, blues, and R&B. Born on November 14, 1968 in St. Louis, Missouri, Ken lived in Detroit, Michigan with his Parents, before making their permanent home in Atlanta, Georgia. From The Jackson Five and Earth, Wind & Fire concerts to his father's DJ gigs, Ken was immersed in music. Ken's parents recognized a special gift in their only child one night when they overheard him at a party, playing along with an Al Green song note for note on a toy keyboard - long before his first music lesson! From that point on, they kept an instrument in his hands and eventually led him to the stringed instruments, and at the impressionable age of nine, he settled on the violin.

ken ford with violin

Throughout school, Ken trained classically to play the violin, which led him to becoming a founding member of the DeKalb Youth Pop's Orchestra. He would also train himself how to play by ear by mocking the popular music heard on the radio. These experiences heightened his determination to continue his training to master the instrument. Always progressive with his music, Ken joined the African American Philharmonic Orchestra (AAPO) where he had the rare opportunity of performing background orchestral styling for the late, great Barry White. While a member of the AAPO, Ken had the honored privilege to work his way to, and hold the position of Concert Master.

During the early years of his career, Ken lived a dual life: he earned a degree in Computer Information Systems and secured a position at a major technology firm as an IT Programmer; but at night, Ken's passion with the violin landed him in some of Atlanta's hottest jazz spots where he joined his favorite local artists in jam sessions. He wasn't playing the classical music from the orchestra, but instead he was drawing the sounds of jazz and R&B from his violin to electrify audiences. Finding himself unemployed in the mid 90s and with the backing of his family, Ken took a leap of faith to pursue his music fulltime, putting 100% of his energy into the success of his career. Ken refers to these times as "the turning point," and it was full speed ahead.

ken ford album

Ken develops his performances into dynamic and electrifying experiences. His years playing in Atlanta jam sessions and local events had acquired a fan base as well as sparked interest from national and international promoters. He continues to draw a diverse group of music lovers to his performances and leaves his fans in awe as they find themselves jumping out of their seats and moving to the funky, unique sounds of the electric violin.

Ken's efforts pay him in many dividends. He now enjoys a solid and accomplished career, playing along side some of contemporary jazz, soul and R&B greats such as Ledisi, Wayman Tisdale, Wyclef Jean, and Lalah Hathaway. The list goes on and on, and it continues to grow as audiences across the nation are introduced to this electrifying instrumentalist. With three successful CDs under his belt, his first release Burnt Toast, his sophomore release Chevelle Lane, and his third release Right Now, Ken continues to top the charts.

In addition to creating unique music and entertaining music lovers Worldwide, Ken aspires to give back to the community by developing a non-profit foundation to bring music back into the schools, with a focus on stringed instruments. Ken hopes to inspire young kids to think the word "cool" in association with these instruments, especially the violin. Despite Ford's undeniable success, he remains to be true to himself and understands that his talent is a mere blessing and because of that he continues to be thankful and knows there is still room to grow in his craft as Ken Ford, Electric Violinist.

Geoffrey Fletcher
Ken Ford