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Skin Care For Men

Women are not the only ones that care about how they look, men do too! Hey they have mirrors and they look in it right?
This article is devoted to the men in our lives, husband, father, boyfriends or uncle. We are going to make this as painless as possible; we are going to cover simple everyday routines, products, simple treatments that will improve outcome.
First, determine what skin type you are, meaning are you oily, dry, or normal?
Here’s how to find out:
• Wash your face with lukewarm water
• Wait an hour, are you dry or slick?
• Take a blotting tissue and press around face, forehead, nose, cheeks and chin
• If the tissue comes back dry, then your skin does not produce much oil and the pores are small
• If it comes back oily and your pores are bigger you have oily skin
• If your pores are medium sized you are considered normal skin type.
• If you are oily in the T – zone (forehead, nose and chin) and dry or normal everywhere else you have a combination skin type.

What next:
Normal skin; Cleanse, tone, moisturize and use sun screen, SPF 30 or more. Auspect skin care is one of my favorites and is mostly organic with no harsh chemicals and very good for sensitive skin.

Oily skin; cleanse, toner for PH balance, use moisturizers for oily skin as long as it is water based and oil free plus a sunscreen. People with oily skin think they should skip moisturizers. That is a myth, oily skin benefit from moisturizers for healthy and balanced skin. Over cleansing the skin because it feels oily strips the skin of its natural oils and makes the skin dehydrated, there by the skin over compensates by producing more oils. This cause even more shines and clogged pores as well as break outs.

Sensitive skin; use unscented products cetaphil unscented cleansers and moisturizers are some of my favorites also skin care by Auspect, unscented sunscreen.

Eye creams:
Yes I said it; they address puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines wrinkles. You only need the size of a grain of rice to a pea size, and work it around the orbital skin or eye area, when used consistently and correctly will help improve the above mentioned problems. Obagi eye cream, Regenica with growth factors. Murad eye firming cream eye cream are some of my favorites.

Your new daily Routine:
Most skin types; cleanse, shave, tone aftershave moisturize and add eye cream and sun screen

Very oily skin; cleanse, do not over cleanse shave, tone after shave and moisturize with oil free moisturizer and sun screen that is water based

Heavy beard; cleanse. Pre shave, shave, tone, after shave and moisturize. (pre shave products are made of oils like castor oil, olive oils with essential oils that soften the beard so that it is easier to cut)
In grown hair; try scrubbing at least once a week, pre shave, shave, tone, after shave and moisturize. Consider laser hair treatment. An In office treatment with minimal down time.

Occasional Routine:
Chemical peels, that help your skin’s texture, tone and helps with hyper pigmentation it also helps to smoothen the after shave bumps and Laser hair removal. Series of treatments to reduce ingrown hair, you can lay down the razor for up to 2 years! The best treatment for ingrown hair, beard bump, razor bumps etc.

Micro lase peels and fractional lasers, helps with the scars from the ingrown hair scars, acne scars improves overall texture tone and even helps with fine lines and wrinkles great for African American skin types.

Hydra facials, relaxing exfoliating facial treatment for more vibrant refreshed look while hydrating and adding peptides to your skin. Especially before that hot date!

Guys get your edge back with some Botox and fillers for those fine lines and volume loss around the eyes, the laugh lines and even a more defines jawline and gives a better version of your self.

Anayo Umerah, MD. FAAFP
President and Medical
Director of Aesthetics
Women's Health Institute of Macon
4050 Riverside Drive, Macon GA 31210
Phone: 478-746-2888
Fax: 478-746-2889


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