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Bishop, Johnson, Lewis, Marshall, Barrow, And Scott Need To Be Re-Elected To Congress

by Sen. Robert Brown

President Obama's majority in Congress is threatened by a right wing conservative movement financed by the enemies of real change.

sanford bishop

Rep. Sanford Bishop - 2nd District

Congressmen Sanford Bishop, John Barrow and Jim Marshall are on the frontlines in the battle for a Democratic majority. They have the toughest Democratic Congressional races in Georgia.

john barrow

Rep. John Barrow - 4th District

Bishop represented Macon and other Middle and South Georgia Counties during his first few terms in Congress. Republicans redrew the district to make it more rural, in an effort to ensure his defeat. His political skills and excellent constituent services have enabled him to survive in a conservative leaning district. Barrow and Marshall have survived in their districts by employing similar strategies.

jim marshall

Rep. Jim Marshall - 8th District

Marshall is in a district that votes over 60% for Republicans. Jim's ability to survive in a district that is otherwise hostile to Democrats is causing some Democratic voters, especially some African Americans, to question his value to Democrats. Ironically, Republicans consistently point to Marshall’s "90% Democratic voting record."

Marshall has voted against some highly visible Democratic bills but has voted for others. Marshall's office receives high marks all around for constituent service, especially for his service to military veterans state-wide. In addition, Jim has brought millions of dollars to all areas of the district, even though he opposes the earmark process.

Marshall's opponent, Austin Scott, is no good. Scott blocked a non-binding resolution to make President Obama an honorary member of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus. This kind of backwoods, southern heritage attitude is a clear indication Austin Scott will vote against the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Sanford Bishop is facing a similar empty-wagon Republican. Mike Keown is a fundamentalist religious nut who believes Black people were cursed by Ham and this justified the African slave trade. Even though Keown has not distinguished himself as a legislator, the anti-President Obama fever in the district makes him a serious challenge for Bishop.

Bishop is raising the enthusiasm level of his base to win. He has the resources to implement strong end-game strategies and tactics. The key to victory is his ground-game to get his vote out.

hank johnson

Rep. Hank District - 4th District

John Barrow also has a tough race. Former Senator Regina Thomas ran in the General Primary, and reportedly is continuing the fight as a write-in candidate. This is keeping Barrow's vote against healthcare visible. However, he has a strong war chest and should be able to win the fight.

david scott

Rep. David Scott - 13th District

Congressmen John Lewis, David Scott and Hank Johnson have token Republican opposition and should have relatively easy wins in their heavily Democratic districts.

john lewis

Rep. John Lewis- 5th District

Voters in districts represented by Jim Marshall, Sanford Bishop and John Barrow have a clear choice. They can fail to vote or vote for the Republican and hurt President Obama. Or they can vote for Jim Marshall, Sanford Bishop and John Barrow to help President Obama keep a Democratic majority in Congress.

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Mike Thurmond
Sen. Robert Brown
Robert Brown is a principal in Prime Service Politics, a political consultant firm and Broker at the real estate firm Prime Service, Inc. He has nearly 30 years experience in local and state politics and currently serves as Democratic Leader in the Georgia State Senate.