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Captain Albert Hall Running
For Bibb County Sheriff

Retired Bibb County Deputy Sheriff, Captain Albert Hall, would like to reform Macon and Bibb County into a safer community. The Sheriff's Office was a vital role in reforming our community and taking it back to a safer community. Macon is not lost it just needs to be restructured.

Captain Hall has more than 28 years of law enforcement experience and service to Macon and Bibb County. Macon and Bibb County has plenty of politicians that have come and gone. What is greatly needed is a public servant that is sensitive to the needs of the people like Captain Hall. He is a lifelong resident of Bibb County and has always worked different jobs that mimic a public servant.

In the course of his law enforcement career Captain Hall was commander of the Detention Center, Communication, and Co-commander of corrections. He was a supervisor of Court Services, a training officer on patrol, and the first Public Information Officer. In each position held Captain Hall worked to improve the efficiency of that division. During a time when promotions were difficult to receive he worked his way up to the rank of Captain before retiring in 2008.

Captain Hall's education and experience speak volume of his quest for excellence. He received his formal education here in Macon graduating from Ballard-Hudson Sr. He has a B.B.A. Degree in management from Fort Valley State University and an M.B.A. degree in management from Troy State University. Captain Hall also received certification in police management from the University of North Florida and certification in public safety from the University of Georgia. Hall completed certification in court services from United States Marshals Service Academy.

Her served as an online adjunct instructor of criminal justice at Grand Canyon University, an instructor of criminal justice at Central Georgia Technical College, and presently serves as an instructor of public safety and law and Southwest High School Law Academy.

Captain Hall is an ordained Minister at new Dawn Ministries and works faithfully to treat people with respect and dignity. Captain Albert Hall is married to Linda Bell Hall and has raised and educated three children.

He is a member of many organizations: Teen Court of Macon, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Georgia Association of Educators, Georgia Record Association, National Association of Educators, Bibb Association of Educators, and the Exchange Club of Macon.

The safety of our community and the growth of this county have been at a standstill for some time and are in need of reformation. Bibb County can no longer afford to continue in the direction it is going. Join Captain Hall in building a safer community. His website is is up and running with pudates ongoing. He says that it would be an honor to serve as your Sheriff and public servant in Reforming Macon and Bibb County for a safer community.

Promotional Time Line

Started 1981
1984 - Promoted to Sergeant
1988 - Transferred to Patrol and Drug Intervention
1993 - Promoted to Patrol Training Officer
1996 - Promoted to Jr. Lieutenant
2001 - Assigned as the first Public Information Officer
2001 - Promoted to Jr. Liutenant
2002 - Assigned as Supervisor of Communications
2002 - Promoted to Sr. Lieutenant
2006 - Promoted to Captain
2006 - Assigned as Supervisior of Detention Center
2007 - Assigned as Co-Commander of Corrections
2008 - Retired


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Albert Hall
Captain Albert Hall