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DeFore Seeks Re-Election To Macon City Council

by Amanda Smith

ron klein

Ed DeFore next to the Rodney Davis Monument.DeFore was instrumental in raising funds for the statue.

For someone who has been serving the city of Macon for over 40 years, one would think that Ed DeFore would be ready to retire. Nothing could be further from the truth. At 79, DeFore seems perpetually ready to take on the next challenge.

Having served for Ward 2, Post 3 since 1971, Ed also served on the Bibb County School Board from 1972 until 1984, making him possibly the only person to be elected to two posts at the same time. He also served on the Macon Water Authority board from 1992 until 1996 and was appointed to that position again under Mayor Robert Reichert Administration.

DeFore was born in Macon and has lived here all his life, graduating from Lanier High School in 1950. Professionally, Ed worked for the Georgia Kraft Company for 25 years and has also dabbled in real estate and insurance. But his claim to fame might well be his public service record. Over the years, through his service on the Public Properties and Public Works and Engineering Committees of the Macon City Council, he and other members have succeeded in getting 92 miles of dirt roads and streets in Macon paved over the years. 62 miles paved in the black community and 32 miles paved in the white community. He is also working on the Fort Hawkins Restoration Commission to help preserve this historic piece of Macon’s rich history.

Most recently, Ed was instrumental in bringing about the Rodney Davis Memorial statue dedication in December of 2006, a remembrance honoring Davis, who was killed in Vietnam when he jumped on a grenade in order to save the lives of his fellow men, an event that had not been previously recognized for the selfless, heroic act that it was. This dedication, held at the Macon Centreplex, also included the unveiling of the Iraq Monument and the Police, Sheriff, and Fireman Monument, a tribute honoring those men and women that daily risk, and sometimes lose, their lives to save others.

Over the years, DeFore has given of his time and energy in an effort to make a difference in the lives of practically everyone he meets. In considering everyone on the board, "Ed probably gets more calls from people asking for his help than anyone else," said Charles Richardson, the Macon Telegraph’s Editorial Page Editor. "He’s been there so long and has such a reputation of helping with citizens problems no matter where they live in the city," Richardson added. Said Georgia Informer Publisher and Editor Herbert Dennard, "He doesn’t care what district you live in or what race you are; if you call him with a problem, he’s gonna solve it or get someone who can. People in Macon know that and respect him for it."

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Ed DeFore
Ed DeFore