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Macon-Bibb Sheriff:
Veteran Lawman David Davis

by Jerrilyn McGhee Larkin

When David Davis became Sheriff on January 1, 2013, he had a number of first time situations to handle. The new Macon-Bibb Consolidated Government was in its infancy, and he had oversight of the fifth largest sheriff's department in Georgia, tenth largest among police departments in the state. In law enforcement since Dec. of 1979, the 37 year veteran of the county sheriff's department says his foremost goal was to define the new department in people-friendly ways both to the public and to his team.

"I had to determine if ours was going to be law enforcement with a protector mindset or a warrior mindset," the sheriff explains. "As warriors," he adds, "we see our department as under siege by the public and respond as against enemies, but as protectors we emphasize customer service, realizing most of our encounters with the public will be in non-confrontational settings." Davis says he favors the latter, and then warns, "But we are prepared through training and with equipment to handle any situation as necessary."

The sheriff's team consists of 775 personnel of whom 600+ are sworn officers working in corrections with about 1,000 inmates, on patrol and most visible to the general public, in criminal investigations, with drug and gang units, with courthouse security and civil division duties. "The department could use another 80 deputies," Sheriff Davis announces," because we have 5 Macon districts and district offices [Shurling Dr., South Houston Ave., Pio Nono Ave., Macon Mall, Oglethorpe] with substation on Jeffersonville Rd. under our jurisdiction, but we do an excellent job of serving the city with the current personnel." About 1/3 of the deputies are female which Davis feels is commendable because he feels "the next paradigm shift in demographics will be a gender one." Racially the sheriff's team is almost equally staffed with white and black personnel and "that's reflective of our city and county populations."

Coming up for the Macon-Bibb County Sheriff's Department is the move to a new command center in the refurbished old SEARS building in downtown Macon, projected for late this summer. Davis explains, "It will complete the updating and redesigning of the new consolidated law enforcement agency to be the finest it can be." Already in operation are over 100 new vehicles purchased since consolidation, equipment of 80% of sheriff's vehicles with dash cams, outfitting all sworn officers with the most up to date safety equipment and standard police issue to facilitate their work. The new uniform combines elements of the old Macon PD and Bibb Sheriff's office uniforms with some completely new touches: black trousers, gray shirts, shield-shaped shoulder patch and sheriff's star badge. Davis notes most of the changes brought to his department by consolidation have generally been very well-received by both the public and his officers and he appreciates that, but he admits a few people are just hard to please: "they can't stand the way things are and don't like change. Go figure."

Macon-Bibb County
Sheriff’s Department
668 Oglethorpe Street
Macon, Georgia 31201



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