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New College Grad
Seeks Council Seat

Danny Glover, a 23 year old Tennessee State University graduate, qualified to run for Macon City Council just weeks after returning home from school. Glover stated that his age is not the point, but rather his desire and commitment to serving and changing the community is what the election is about. Glover said, "this election is bigger than one person running for a public office; this election calls for citizens across Middle Georgia to step up and take the responsibility to usher in a new era for our city."

Glover's youth and involvement mirror the youth and involvement of Council members Ficklin and Lucas, who right out of college became involved in the politics of Macon. He also points out that Rodney Smith was elected to Macon City Council at the age of 21. Glover sees youth and involvement as a blessing to the city stating that he has noticed that some of the current leaders, "have dedicated their lives to moving Macon forward."

A student leader in college, Glover feels that his experiences as President of Student Government, conferences with the Governor of Tennessee, and his many other roles has prepared him to get involved in city government at the level to really work with the people. He proposes to work in the community and outlines three key areas of focus, namely, public safety, human services and beautification. Glover, the grandson of Willie "Smokey" Glover, has returned to improve his hometown as a councilman who will be visible to the people of the ward.

The election is July 19, 2011. Glover is running for Ward 3 Post 3, the seat now held by Tom Ellington


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danny glover
Danny Glover