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Paul Bronson
Runs For Mayor of Macon

Mayoral Candidate Paul Williams Bronson is a young entrepreneur that works for the Bibb County Fire Department. Since 2001, he has worked to better himself through educational advancement and leadership development. Mr. Bronson is serving in the Georgia Army National Guard as a First Lieutenant in the 48th Brigade in Macon, GA. He is currently serving his eighth year after having enlisted at the age of seventeen while attending Central High School.

Upon graduation from high school in 2004, Paul was awarded honor grad for his platoon after finishing the second part of his infantry training. Mr. Bronson served his country and surrounding areas in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina by working out of Biloxi, Mississippi. He also participated in the G-8 Summit held in Savannah, Georgia working with the security team for higher command and President George W. Bush.

In 2005, he began serving his community as a member of the local fire department. Soon afterwards, he continued his obligation required in his military training through his enrollment in the Early Commissioning Program at Georgia Military College in 2006. Paul earned an Associates degree in General Studies and the right to be a federally recognized Commissioned Officer in the United States Armed Forces upon graduation from Georgia Military College. Paul recently earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Fort Valley State University in 2010. Afterwards he will attend Mercer School of Medicine for a Masters in Marriage Family Therapy.

Mr. Bronson has now extended his love to serve people by participating on the Bibb County Citizen Review Panel. He also promotes mentoring and supporting the youth of Bibb County through working as a substitute teacher with the Board of Education. In the fight to better education he plans to work along side and remain in the corner of the new superintendent Dr. Romain Dallemand

Mr. Bronson is on a mission to promote unity and prosperity, personnel development, and encourages educational awareness for all races. He believes that through the "Unity of All People" and teamwork amongst the communities, we can empower our young adults to strive for excellence.

Candidate Paul Bronson will fight to build a city that is focused on education, economic growth, and crime control while fighting to bring about a real change. He strongly believes it will take an out-of-the-box mentality in order to advance our future, while motivating our present, and building from the base of our past. It's time we do away with the "good ol’ system" and tackle the issues head on. Our local government should stand on the grounds of true accountability, consistency, and two way communication that shows responsible leadership and dedicated service.

Candidate Bronson plans to reach out to neighboring cities and create a line of communication that will open an avenue of growth for all parties involved. He is firm believer that it will take both Republican and Democrats to sit down and produce a cost efficient and effective plan that will save the tax -payers money. As for outside resources, the gap and lack of communication between the churches, the city, and the educational system will be bridged and maintained. Working with those special entities we should bring our resources to the table and build a system that offers stability and reliance that ensures we operate above the standard as a city.

In conclusion, its time for Macon Ga. to break the chains that has held us back for so long. We as a people, black and white, rich or poor, have an opportunity to vote for a better future. A future that is bright and rewarding. Mr. Bronson understands that people who invest, deserves a return on their investment. Allow him to provide a return that is well over due! He is not here to win a vote, but to earn your trust, and the chance to lead this city to greater heights. Macon Georgia, its time! Its time for New Leadership with a New Vision for a New City.

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Paul Bronson
Paul Bronson