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Wake Up Macon




St. Luke Baptist Church To Celebrate Stenson's 40th Anniversary     


by Amanda Smith



Rev. Marshall Stenson 



St. Luke Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia is preparing to celebrate its pastor’s 40th anniversary in September 2009.  The Reverend Marshall Stenson was called to preach at St. Luke’s on September 5, 1969 and has led the church since that date.


On September 12, 2009, St. Luke will hold a formal black-tie Gala at the Family Life Center of New Pilgrim Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia.  The Reverend Curtis Raines pastors New Pilgrim.  The affair will be a reception that includes heavy hors d’oeuvres, music, a comedian from Atlanta, and a slide show celebrating Reverend Stenson’s life.


The week of September 21st through the 24th will be a celebration each night as various pastors come to share The Word in celebration of Rev. Stenson’s leadership.  Each service will begin at 7pm and the public is invited to attend any or all of the following services:


• Monday Sept. 21st  will feature the Reverend Jacob Parker of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia

• Tuesday Sept. 22nd will host Reverend James Hall of Ross Temple in Macon, Georgia

• Wednesday Sept. 23rd will be led by the Reverend Mike Carswell of Mount Lebanon Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia

• Thursday Sept. 24 will be led by the Reverend Timothy French of Bellevue Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia


On September 26th at 6pm, St. Luke Baptist Church will present “We Are the World”, a pageant in which the youth will give their contributions to Reverend Stenson and each will announce what they want to be when they grow up.  The children will be attired in apparel fitting their chosen professions.


Sunday, September 27th will wrap up the week of celebration.  Three services will be held – 7:30am, 11am, and the climax at 3pm with the Reverend Anthony Corbett of Lundy Chapel Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia officiating.

The Reverend Marshall Stenson and his lovely wife, Dr. Mary Stenson, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a dinner at the Anderson Conference Center in Macon at which over 400 guests attended to celebrate with the couple.

“Reverend Stenson is amazing,” said church reporter Charlotte Reeves.  “We’ve grown and added many things and many souls under his leadership.”


The public is invited to attend any or all of the above events in celebration of 40 years of faithful leadership by Reverend Marshall Stenson.  St. Luke Baptist Church is located at 1180 Haywood Road in Macon, Georgia.






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